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Our First Post

Welcome to our new news facility, which contains all the latest news and offers visitors the opportunity to submit comments. Over the coming months we shall be updating the news page to include new varieties, recipes, innovations and items that may interest existing customers and new visitors.
Our recent expansion into a third unit allows us greater manufacturing space and with the addition of a third sausage filler enables us to manufacture fresh sausages to order for same or next day delivery. Fresh sausages are a major part of the operation and several packaging solutions can be offered including:

Over-wrap on polystyrene trays (traditional butcher’s presentation)
Heat-sealed rigid clear or black plastic trays
And most recently flow wrap in rigid clear or black plastic trays to create an attractive retail presentation

If bulk buy/serve is your game we can offer boxes of loose sausages up to 20lb in weight.
We can offer the above totally fresh with a life of 8 days or for added versatility and stock control, the same sausages freshly frozen.

We also offer an extensive range of individually Quick Frozen (IQF) sausages in 4.54kg boxes, which can be cooked from frozen adding even more versatility and enhanced stock control for customers to keep wastage to a minimum.
With current production of over 100 tonnes per week the new fresh production area and the addition of a new IQF line in the New Year will result in a potential doubling of capacity.

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